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The Kherkher Law Firm represents clients in the greater Houston area in regard to divorce, child custody matters, post divorce modifications, parental relocations, enforcement orders and other family law matters.

Houston Divorce and Family Law Attorney Susan Compton Kherkher helps people struggling through the difficult process of divorce and works with her clients to try other options prior to following through with a divorce. Kherkher was recently interviewed for Legal News Media Source and also published on CNN. People in need of helpful information regarding whether or not to proceed with a divorce can listen in on a live interview with her here. In the interview Kherkher shares important information on what steps a person should take and questions to ask when they first start searching for the right attorney that will be the best fit for their specific needs. Then she shares the top 7 tips or rules to follow in the divorce process should someone choose to go forward.

Kherkher Law Firm
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